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Located in Louisiana & Servicing Nationwide

Gulf Coast Wrap is a leading shrink wrap company along the Gulf Coast and serves clients throughout the Southeastern region and United States. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, our team of specially trained workers provide shrink wrap installation and asset protection and containment to businesses in a wide range of markets and industries. We use 100% recyclable LDPE #4 film which is cost effective and virtually indestructible.

We offer many types of services including industrial containment, commercial coverings, disaster relief, customer enclosures, construction, and scaffolding to both public and private corporations. We also provide climate control to support projects and partner with companies that are capable of providing one to 80 ton air conditioners and 15 to 400 ton air cooled chillers.

Gulf Coast Wrap believes in providing clients with innovative wrapping solutions year-round. We foster a safe work environment for our employees, while encouraging a strong work ethic where each employee is dedicated to quality service.

We specialize in industrial shrink-wrappingboat shrink-wrapping, and military shrink-wrapping


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