Marine Shrink Wrap in Florida

Boat Shrink Wrap for Commercial & Military Boats in Florida

Commercial and military boats must be maintained in the best conditions for use when needed. Military boats, for instance, may remain untouched for long periods without being used. However, storing big boats can sometimes be challenging – exposure to harsh weather and other destructive materials may cause significant damage to the boats.

Boat shrink wrapping is the best way to ship or store commercial and military boats. If you have a commercial or military boat that needs to be stored for a while or needs shipment across the country or overseas, boat shrink wrapping gives you confidence that the boat will remain in the best condition to its destination or until use.

Reasons for Shrink-Wrapping a Boat

Assembling a commercial or a military boat from scratch is costly and time-consuming. In addition, exposing the boat to harsh weather or mishandling may not go well with any commercial firm. Shrink wrapping services for boats, such as the one provided by Gulf Coast Wrap, can help protect them from damage.

Below we discuss common reasons shrink wrapping a boat is essential.

Protect From Birds and Plant Debris

Migratory birds know how to take advantage of vessels as nesting sites. In addition, plant debris is inevitable when the boats remain uncovered. Shrink wrapping a boat can help prevent plant debris from building up and leaves no space for birds to nest.

Maintain Original Appearance

Shrink wrap provides a layer of protection against the elements, preventing damage to the boat’s exterior. Shrink wrapping creates a water resistant barrier between the boat and the outside elements, preventing the growth of mold and mildew on the boat, which can be unappealing and cause damage to the boat’s surface, like rust.

Boat Shrink Wrapping Process

How do you shrink wrap your commercial or military boat in the Southeastern regions of the US? It all comes down to shrink wrapping expertise and equipment.

Gulf Coast Wrap provides on-site shrink-wrapping services across the US. You can count on our team to deliver quality services using 100% recyclable LDPE#4 to protect and weatherize your boat.

Gulf Coast Wrapping standard services involve wrapping down to the waterline, ensuring an even coverage on the boat’s hull, and optimum ventilation with effective boat shrink-wrap vents to prevent any chance of water vapor condensation.

In addition, our shrinking services utilize a propane heat gun to make the film as tight as possible around the vessel.

Ensuring Protection of Marine Vessels

A boat shrink wrap service can help protect the boat from foreign elements. It’s no secret that your vessel may be at risk to the elements if it’s stored outside. The sun can degrade the boat, while water and ice can lead to moisture accumulation and multiple other factors that can cause damage.

Marine shrink wrapping offer breathability. While other coverings may protect your vessel from external materials. Moisture can cause damage. Shrink wrap provides sufficient ventilation for breathing.

Shrink wrapping your vessel also increase its lifespan.

Shrink Wrap for Commercial Boats

Commercial companies that manufacture or trade boats make an effort to keep the boat in its original state when in storage. The customer expects the boat to reach them in the same new condition.

Wrapping a boat prevents dust or anything else that could cause damage to the boat’s exterior. In addition, a lot of damage can occur inside shipping trucks. Since the equipment is exposed to handling, rocking back and forth around the truck, and weather changes in transit — the commercial company risks making a loss on the boat.

To protect the boat against depreciating during transportation, the shrink wrap prevents direct contact with the outside environment until it arrives at its final destination.

Shrink Wrap for Military Boats

Military boat shrink wrapping brings a whole other type of attention and responsibility. Military boats are war vessels ready to be implemented whenever service men and women need them.

A scratch to its camouflage or any slight damage could risk the service personnel’s lives or cause delivery delays. Still, other sophisticated military vessels are deemed secret and must be handled with extreme care. A reputable boat shrink company, like Gulf Coast Wrap, will maintain military boats in their best condition.

Protect Your Vessel in Florida with Gulf Coast Wrap

Not every boat shrink wrap service can offer the wrapping services you deserve.

Gulf Coast Wrap offers a custom-designed containment enclosure for commercial and military boats and other equipment. Our teams are seasoned professionals in managing large projects after a storm. We provide effective water-resistant protection to your vessel to maintain its highest value. In addition, our response time is incomparable across the southeastern region of the US.

At Gulf Coast Wrap, we focus on providing innovative wrapping services year-round. All our employees adhere to strong work ethics and dedication to quality services. We also offer various services, including commercial coverings, disaster relief, industrial containment, and construction.

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