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Protective Shrink Wrap for Industrial Projects

Industrial objects are often tough and rugged. While they are, to some point, they’re not immune to damage. Protecting your assets from damages maintains their value and saves unnecessary maintenance costs.Choosing a company with the appropriate materials to protect your expensive items or projects is essential. Shrink wrap is your best option when protecting expensive equipment with awkward shapes, like equipment and barricades.

There is no limit to industrial or commercial shrink-wrap size or shape. If you need to store oversized items safely or protect them during transport, we can wrap them for you. We can even help you enclose a construction site or building project with zipper doors to allow for easy access to work zones. Gulf Coast Wrap in Baton Rouge, LA, works with your company in the Southeast region to wrap items that you might have not known were good candidates for shrink wrapping.

Protection for Important Assets & Large Projects

Transporting and storing heavy industrial machinery can be daunting. However, heavy-duty shrink wrap made for industrial projects can protect your assets from damage. When wrapped correctly, industrial shrink-wrapping gives breathing space for your vessel, prevents damage from transportation or weather, and allows it’s surrounding work environment to continue work as usual without fear of damage. 

Our Industrial Shrink Wrap protects: 

  • Commercial vessels, like boats
  • Construction sites
  • Equipment and machines, including those for manufacturing
  • Pallets
  • Wind turbines

If you’re worried about damaged items, shrink wrap services can be crucial to enclosing commercial vessels, machines, and other objects while providing a water-resistant surface – meaning your clients receive their equipment in the same condition. No matter the size or shape of the industrial or commercial item, shrink wrapping allows you to keep the equipment outdoors and maintain its original condition in transit.

You can’t always keep an eye on all your organizational items to prevent tampering. Fortunately, shrink wrapping is an effective way to monitor and discourage tampering. The materials used are durable and resistant to moderate interference.

Why Use Shrink Wrap For Your Industrial Project?

From module units, machinery, aircraft engines and helicopters, and all the way up to construction sites, all areas of the industry share the same basic need for protection and maintaining them for as long as possible.

Finding the best materials to protect your equipment or construction site is a priority for manufacturers and dealers. Depending on your demands, you can choose between materials that vary in thickness, flexibility, strength, and durability. For instance, inadequate sheeting may not protect your items from dust. That’s where shrink wrap comes in handy.

Our shrink wrap is weather-resistant

Unfavorable weather conditions can significantly halt industrial work progress. Industrial shrink wrapping gives you an advantage over the weather. Shrink wrap walls can temporarily enclose areas, providing the necessary environment to complete the project within the allotted time and budget.

Provides a cover against environmental factors

Working on the exterior during construction attracts several environmental uncertainties. Shrink wrapping services are heat welded and taped effectively to provide an efficient cover that withstands any environmental factors, allowing work to progress seamlessly. For example, shrink wrapping can protect a new exterior paint job, keeping insects and debris from being blown into the wall.

Shrink wrap minimizes outside access

Shrink wrap minimizes any outside distraction on your industrial work. Shrink wrap films can prevent unauthorized access, thus allowing your team to avoid distractions.

Shrink-Wrap Benefits

Industrial and commercial shrink wrap has multiple benefits, including:

  • Durability — Industrial shrink-wrapping is made from polyethylene, polyolefin, PVC, and durable plastic materials.
  • Eco-friendly — Shrink wrap ensures environmental preservation by providing minimum product damage. It’s also environmentally friendly.
  • Reduce noise — Transporting loose items can cause substantial noise. Shrink wrap tightly covers items of any shape and size, minimizing noise and damage. Shrink wrapping can even reduce noise from construction sites.
  • Variety of Options — At Gulf Coast Wrap, we can customize our shrink wrap services to fit your needs. From words, pictures, and colors to logos, shrink wrap can enhance your brand appeal.

Get All Your Shrink Wrap Services from Gulf Coast Wrap: Located in Louisiana & Servicing Nationwide

When done by experts, industrial and commercial shrink wrap services can serve your purpose efficiently. The professionals at Gulf Coast Wrap provide expert-level shrink wrapping services in throughout the nation. We can shrink wrap new and existing building projects, heavy equipment, and mobile homes and create space separation and barricades.

Our industrial clients benefit from shipping containment, full freight enclosure, containment, and ultraviolet/weatherization for assets. Our services extend to disaster relief, scaffolding, and commercial coverings. In addition, we offer climate control and partner with companies who can provide one to 80-ton air conditioners and 15 to 400-ton air-cooled chillers.

At Gulf Coast Wrap, we believe in offering clients innovative shrink wrapping services. We promote a safe working environment while encouraging a strong work ethic for all employees. We are a leading shrink wrap company. Founded in 2008, our teams continue to provide high-quality shrink wrapping services to businesses across various industries. We are located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and provide service nationwide, specializing in the Southeastern region. 

Contact us to learn more about our industrial shrink wrapping services.